The New Zealand Driving Quiz

Driving in New Zealand can be a breeze compared with other countries, but it's still very important to know the road rules to stay out of trouble.

Let's face it, driving in a strange country always has its challenges, no matter how experienced a driver you are. And whilst driving in New Zealand is generally a breeze, there are basic aspects to get your head around.

We drive on the left hand side of the road which may be a new experience for some people.  The steering wheel in our cars is on the right hand side.  It will take a couple of days for it to become "normal" to approach the car on the right side if you are used to the steering wheel on the left side.

Roundabouts are common here, like in the UK, and are driven clockwise.

Our standard open road speed limit is 100kph and the standard urban speed limit is 50kph, but there are many exceptions and you need to be aware of speed limit signs.  We measure our distances in kilometres.

You need to know about parking signs, emergency vehicles, clearways, yellow lines and railway crossings.

On rural roads be aware of agricultural and logging vehicles which typically travel at slower speeds.

Our road signs generally follow international conventions, but there are some subtle changes to know about.

A fun way to learn about our road rules is to do an online driving quiz which has been created specifically for visitors self driving around New Zealand.  This will make you much more confident on the road and you'll enjoy your New Zealand self drive holiday even more!  

KiwiCombo Pass offers a number of suggested itineraries to choose from, or your can create your own fabulous holiday.  More self drive options, including New Zealand scenic tours,  Lord of the Rings and honeymoon itineraries are also available through South Pacific Travellers World.


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