The Road Trip Ice Cream

The Road Trip Ice Cream - A Kiwi Must Have

First & Last Dairy Ashburton

You’re not a true Kiwi or have indulged in the ultimate ‘kiwi thing to do’ unless you have had a road trip scoop ice cream from the local ‘Tip Top Ice Cream’ branded Dairy.

Big, small, young or old, day or night - a true kiwi could never drive past a dairy without stopping to get ice cream. Dad’s would normally go for Hokey Pokey (you can’t get more Kiwi that that!) Mum’s choice Boysenberry. For the kids and teenagers – well, Decisions, Decisions! Single, double or triple scoop? Chocolate dipped? A classic Goody Goody Gum drops or Gold Rush or anything with extra chocolate bits or lollies or crazy rainbow colours.

If driving through the South Island, there is no better place than the First and Last Dairy in Tinwald, Ashburton. As it’s name suggests it’s the perfect road trip dairy.

Then, if you feel you need to walk off that ice cream, or just need some fresh air and stretch your legs, Ashburton is a great place to stop. If you’re sick of driving, tired or just can’t bear to drive another hour north to Christchurch or another hour south to Timaru, stay at one of Ashburton’s relaxing and comfortable hotels or motels. That way you can have another ice cream tomorrow!

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