Smart travellers’ tips for avoiding jetlag and kankles

Because New Zealand is on the other side of the world from just about everywhere else, travelling here can be long and arduous.

According to some research up to 92% of long-haul travellers suffer from jetlag and sometimes it can last up to two weeks. Jet lag doesn’t just leave you feeling stressed and impatient. A study done by British Airways showed that it can also impair decision-making by up to 50% and reduce memory and communication skills. It can also result in tiredness, headaches and slower reflexes.

5 Tips for avoiding jetlag:

  1. It starts on the plane. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol as it dehydrates you. Ideally you would drink a large glass of water every hour in order to stay hydrated.
  2. If you can sleep on the plane then that is great, but try not to use sleeping tablets. They can leave you feeling groggy and even confused if you wake up before the tablets have worn off.  It is also really important to move around the plane regularly to reduce the chances of getting deep vein thrombosis, which you may not do if you are knocked out with sleeping tablets.
  3. Change your watch to the time at your new location as soon as you get on the plane and try and eat and sleep in the new time zone.
  4. Once you arrive at your destination, make sure you get lots of light during daylight hours to help your body adjust its sleeping pattern. Natural light is best so try and get outside; the fresh air will also help.
  5. Have a massage when you get off the plane. A massage helps release toxins from the body and increase the blood circulation, as well as helping you feel totally relaxed. By having a massage on the day of your arrival, you can also reduce the chances of getting ‘kankles’ - that problem of swollen ankles and feet. 

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