The WINERAM Experience

Learn about the best wines and fun activities NZ is famous for with the WineRam Experience.

About the WINERAM Experience

The WINERAM Experience is a six part web-series about New Zealand’s wine industry, it’s natural beauty and the adventure sports. Given that, you’ll learn about more than just wine! You’ll see which spots are the hottest destinations to visit in New Zealand, which wineries are making some of the best wine from those regions, and of course how to get your adrenalin pumping with some insane adventure sports.

Join American wine-o Colin West and local Kiwi girl Jo Holley as they go backpacking and travel New Zealand to check out the best wineries, hottest destinations and extreme sports New Zealand is world-famous for.

WineRam Experience - Episode One

Colin flies into Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world to meet up with Jo Holley who has plans to show him around New Zealand. But Jo quickly throws Colin in a gondola going up a mountain to meet local talented mountain biker Josh Clark. A challenge then arises and Colin is up against Jo in a race! After losing the race, Jo takes Josh Clark down the road into Central Otago’s Peregrine Winery where he gets to taste local wines with Jo.  On the other hand, Colin has to do work in the vineyard while learning more about the first stage of the winemaking process,canopy management. The day comes to an end with the group going helicopter camping at Cecil Peak.

WINERAM Experience - Episode Two

Episode 2 takes place in Christchurch and the Greater Canterbury wine region with focus on Waipara and Pegasus Bay Winery. Our presenters Jo Holley and Colin West have taken off from Queenstown and the Central Otago wine region and arrived in Christchurch to meet Ed Donaldson of the Pegasus Bay wine family. From here Ed is going to join our presenters as they check up on the positive progress of Christchurch since the earthquake and explore the greater Canterbury and Waipara region before tasting wine and learning about the second stage of the wine making process at Pegasus Bay Winery!

WINERAM Experience - Episode Three

Watch as our presenters, Colin West and Jo Holley, head to Marlborough during their last days on New Zealand’s South Island.  Here they meet up with John Forrest, of Forrest Winery, and Joshua Scott of Moa Brewery, for some early morning spear fishing followed by microbrew and wine tasting paired with the day’s catch!  Colin practices harvesting grapes while Jo learns more about the brewing process at Moa – both leave with a better appreciation of brewing and winemaking’s mix of art and science. 

WINERAM Experience - Episode Four

Episode 4 takes us just outside Martinborough in Wairarapa hunting with Glen Ora Hunting Adventures before touring Martinborough Vineyard.  After learning about the grape sorting process our presenters, Colin West and Jo Holley, get their hands (and feet!) dirty helping winemaker, Paul Mason, make the next batch of wine.  As a reward for all their hard work Colin and Jo get to relax with a pinot noir tasting.  Be sure to check out for past episodes and behind the scenes action!

WINERAM Experience - Episode Five

Episode 5 takes us up to the Hawkes Bay Wine Region for some top end Syrah at Trinity Hill Winery with legendary winemaker John Hancock. Adventure to be had there included a quick trip north to Jo's home town of Gisborne to catch up with New Zealand Surfing Series Champion Bobby Hansen, see some waves and then go tackle and sheer some sheep! Be sure to check out for past episodes and behind the scenes action!

WINERAM Experience - Episode Six

The sixth and final episode of The WINERAM Experience New Zealand is packed with riveting activities and lots of red wine on Waiheki Island north of Auckland.  From flying over the island at sunrise to sailing along the coast, scuba diving to shark spotting, our presenters, Jo and Colin, are capping off the New Zealand series with a bang while learning about wine’s maturation process from one of the country’s best winemakers, Steve White at Stonyridge Vineyard.