Things to do in summer around New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the world’s road trip meccas – a rockin’ combination of ultra cool urban cities, mad surf and majestic mountains.

New Zealand is one of the world’s road trip mecca’s – a rockin’ combination of ultra cool urban cities, mad surf and majestic mountains. And while winter is the season of choice for snowboarders from around the globe, summer in New Zealand is a fabulous choice for a road trip, especially with companies such as Hippie Camper offering great deals.

1. Tekapo Springs Summer Tube

It’s snowtubes but not as you know them! Glide down a carpeted track around twists, turns, bumps and curves.

2. Boat cruises

New Zealand has heaps of beautiful lakes and some of the ‘boat cruises’ are a little more adrenalin charged than others – like jet boating.

3. Fishing

If you’re travelling in a neato little campervan such as the Hippie Camper Hitop Deluxe you’ll want to pack your rod and do a spot of beach or river fishing as you go – New Zealand’s fish make a particularly tasty free feed.

4. Kayaking

With its rivers, bays and lakes, New Zealand offers unlimited kayaking opportunities, so get out there on the water and explore.

5. Festivals

‘Kiwi’s’ are so glad when the winter chill subsides, they throw festivals all over the place! Hop on line and search for festivals along your road trip route – from mussels and music, to beer and bbq’s, it’s party time across the entire country.

6. Tramping

It’s the New Zealand word for ‘walking far and wide, and often high, in serious boots’ but you can do it anywhere, any time. Stunning National Parks, wild coastlines, and rugged countryside – it’s all here and ready for you to hit the trail.

7. City life

New Zealand’s cities are a bit of alright. In the North Island, you’ll probably pick up your motorhome from Auckland – spend some time exploring its urban cool. Other northerly cities include Napier, Hamilton, Hastings, Rotorua, and the capital, Wellington. From Christchurch in the South Island, you can drive on to Dunedin, Invercargill and Nelson, all with their own distinct cultures and groove, and Happy Hours in backpacker bars.

8. A bit of culture

Don’t leave New Zealand without learning some of the traditional Maori culture and history. At the very least, touch noses with someone, once.

9. Lend a hand

Leave this beautiful country better than when you arrived – volunteer with a local organisation and make a difference.

10. Make like a farmer

Spend some time getting your hands into the fertile soils of New Zealand’s farms. Programs such as Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) love helping hands from happy campers, and summer is a great time to be out in the big outdoors.