Paparoa: Things to do. Places to see!

A description of places to visit, in and around Paparoa as well as further afield.

All roads lead to Paparoa ….. and onward

Welcome to the Old Post Office Guest House - come in, settle down and make yourselves comfortable, we promise to look after you whether you want to cosy up and stay inside or venture a little further afield. There is so much to do in the local area as well a farther away – it all depends how adventurous (and energetic) you are feeling! Paparoa can offer you a little bit of everything; the village is rich in history and is a local centre for enjoying the natural beauty and country lifestyle of the surrounding area. With a vibrant local community there are a number of eateries, farmers markets and other events to take advantage of during your stay with us.

Take a hike

This part of New Zealand is just the most perfect hiking country – the rolling scenery with beautiful viewpoints makes taking a hike an absolute must for most travellers.

Waipu cave walk is a great one to start off with being only about an hour in each direction, this walk will take down a track to the limestone caves – if you are lucky you may even encounter a glow-worm near the entrance! The caves have some fantastic examples of stalactites and stalagmites and there is plenty of headroom. The caves environment features a “karst”/limestone landscape – karst refers to a typography formed over dolomite, gypsum and limestone, it has high natural heritage value in that it offers a habitat to a specific group of species that prefer this kind of calcareous soil. To access the walk head out to the Ormiston Road and you’ll find sign posts for the car park.

Remember these safety tips for hiking to the caves to keep yourself safe, due to the nature of Karst landscapes sinkholes are relatively common, so stick to the main tracks and keep children close. Also remember that the interior to the cave area will be wet and slippery so make sure you have some good footwear on and take a torch.

Other great, short local walks include the Lions Walkway which is accessed from our village green and a visit to the Kauri Bushmans Reserve where you can sample the unique kauri forest environment.
For those that enjoy a bit of a challenge and are physically fit there a whole heap of other spectacular hikes you can embark on. How about tackling the Bream Head - Peach Cove Track, Brynderwyn Hills Walk or Mangawhai Walk? All of them offer amazing viewpoints and a variety of terrain to take in so be sure to let us pack you up a lunch to take with you.

The mountains of the North

Although the mountains aren’t our doorstep if you are keen climber then making the journey down to the most famous, Mount Ruapehu, is a must. Whilst many people automatically think of the stunning mountains on the South Island as the only ranges worth visiting in New Zealand there are some equally jaw dropping scenery on our North Island. It may not have the same expansive peaks or the bouldering so well known on the South but here on the North Island the weather is warmer and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much less crowded it can be. The three mountains over 2,000 metres are all volcanic and offer a range of landscapes and environments. So whether you are a newcomer to the mountains, fancy yourself as a bit of an Edmund Hilary or think you might like to try out the ski runs you should try to make this part of your stay on the North Island.

Cool off at the waterfalls

You’ve gone for a hike, taken in the beach and kaipara-harbour so there’s one more part of the natural world which is a must see when you travel to New Zealand and that’s the incredible waterfalls here. There are a breathtaking range of waterfalls to visit depending on if you want to add a hike to them or simply relax in your car to see them. The falls at Whangarei or the Rainbow Falls are a relatively short 10 minute hike and will reward you with a great spot for swimming and taking in the natural beauty around you.

Whatever your predilection on your holidays, there is sure to be something to interest you here in on the North Island. From the stunning natural scenery inland to the astounding expanses of beach and the magnificent countryside, the natural wonder of New Zealand is all around you. If we can help to plan your stay in any way then please just ask – we’re so proud to be living in this area and want you to enjoy every moment that you are with us.

Julie Holbrook

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