Three generations take the ultimate leap of faith

To celebrate his 79th birthday Frank jumped out a perfectly good airplane from 12,000ft over Queenstown with three generations of his family.

Frank his wife Robbie, daughter Ginger and grand-daughter Taylor all from California were holidaying in New Zealand for the first time when they decided to skydive in Queenstown with NZONE Skydive.

It was a first time experience for all four family members who had never skydived before.

The family were even more excited about their jumps when they realised they were able to jump from the same plane.

Strapped to their tandem masters they were nervous as they boarded the plane and headed to 12,000ft.

Taylor said the scariest part of the jump was seeing her family jump out of the plane before her!

When they landed they got a family photo and were all so stoked after their jumps that they said they would love to skydive again.

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