Ticking off Bucket List item number one – Skydiving over Queenstown

Queenstown is known for being the adventure capital of the world so what better place to tick off the number one item on my bucket list – skydiving!

As I pulled on my jumpsuit mentally questioning my choice to jump out of perfectly good plane from 15,000ft, I was introduced to my NZONE Skydive Instructor Mira who was friendly, professional and wiped away any insecurity I was feeling.

Feigning more confidence than I really had I boarded the plane with Mira on one side and my personal freefall cameraman Stu on the other.

As we climbed to 15,000ft we all chatted nervously as our instructors reassured us we were in safe hands and let us know that NZONE Skydive is New Zealand’s first tandem skydive operation and have been in the business for 25 years, definitely nice to know for the more nervous of us!

When we reached our maximum altitude the door was opened revealing a perfect bluebird day and views which stretched for miles.

We cautiously made our way to the door and dangled our legs out of the plane, within seconds we were freefalling.

There are no words to adequately describe the feeling of freefalling through the air at up to 200km/h with nothing but the wind surrounding you.

After freefalling for 60 seconds trying my absolute hardest to smile the whole time, Mira released the parachute slowing us down and giving me a chance to really take in the incredible 360 degree views of The Remarkables mountain range and Lake Wakatipu.

As we descended into the NZONE Skydive Dropzone located on a lush Kiwi farm, I wiped tears from my eyes assuring both Mira and Stu they were just from the wind while also secretly hoping they wouldn’t ruin my photos and videos.

The feeling of accomplishment for completing what can only be described as one of the most EPIC experiences of my life is something I’ll never forget. 

When we arrived back at the NZONE Skydive store in the heart of Queenstown I collected my printed photos and video USB video pack and walked away still buzzing from the adrenaline.

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