To the Coast with the Post

Join Gordon the rural postman on his mail-run, from Featherston right down to Cape Palliser - the southern most point of the North Island.

To the Coast with the Post is a South Wairarapa experience like no other.

Meeting Gordon in Featherston and jumping in his big red New Zealand Post van piled high with everything remote rural and coastal towns could ask for is exciting! Today you get to be chauffered along the southern coast while delivering the local mail with a guy who knows just about everything there is to know when it comes to the roads you travel and the places you see.

Its an early start, 8am, but you need to be back by 5pm so the next days mail can be sorted - over 150km to travel, all in a days work.

Gordon tells great stories along the way, he talks about place names and the people he's met and everyone waves to the big red van as it scoots along.

This is a really great day out! A fantastic way of seeing the rugged South Wairarapa coast without having to drive your car along gravel roads. Let Gordon pack you in his van and take you with him for the day!

Highlights of this trip include:

  • Climbing the lighthouse – there’s no shortage of stairs here! But the views at the top of the Cape right around to Ngawi make the trip worth it.
  • Posting the mail in the biggest letterbox on the route – more of a cottage than a mail box.
    With stairs and a handrail this letterbox must double as a bus shelter for the kids. Popping the mail inside this little house is a real highlights  – if you’re not a postman its not often you get to drop off the morning paper.
  • Exploring the gravel roads of the Wairarapa outback! Travelling down windy roads many don't know exist – showcasing rural Wairarapa at its best, people out on their motorbikes, freshly shorn sheep just an arms length away, the opportunity to stretch your legs on the wide grassy verges, take photos of the animals and take in the open expanse underneath that big blue sky the Wairarapa is famous for.
  • Beautiful views of the sea – the most amazing turquoise colour - brilliant against the dark sand.
  • Having lunch with the seals at the end of the line. Gordon pulls the van into a sheltered rocky bit of beach known as the Sacred Pools for a lunch of sammies and muffins while you watch the seals snoozing among the rocks. 

To the Coast with the Post can be booked through the Masterton and Martinborough i-SITE's contact them via:

Masterton i-SITE
+64 6 370 0900

Martinborough i-SITE
+64 6 306 5010

For more information about the Wairarapa region visit


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