Tongariro Crossing Guide

The Tongariro crossing is rated as one of the best one day walks in the World. This article gives a great intro to this amazing experience.

Considered by many to be the finest one day walk in the World, it takes in stunning scenery over a distance of around 17km.

The tour is integrated into most of the North island nearly all the two island trips on the superb flying kiwi adventure tours.

A full day hike the track passes over varied and spectacular volcanic terrain. In the presence of active volcanoes you can experience some of Tongariro National Park's special gifts.

A cold mountain spring, lava flows, an active crater, steam vents, emerald-coloured lakes and magnificent views combine to make this an enjoyable and memorable trip.

From a poled route across South Crater you follow a ridge leading up Red Crater from where you can get views of Mt Tongariro. You can smell the sulphur, evidence that Red Crater is still active.

From the summit of Red Crater (1886 metres), the highest point, the track descends down to three water filled explosion craters called the Emerald Lakes.

Their brilliant greenish colour is caused by minerals which have leached from the adjoining thermal area.