Top 10 things to do in Christchurch

Christchurch is not just about pretty parks and genteel activities, there are many adrenalin pumping options available that will create lasting memories.

Top 10 must do adventure things to do in Christchurch & Canterbury      

  1.  Dolphin Swimming is on the top of the list for most visitors and locals.  New Zealand is the perfect place to swim with dolphins as it is offered all year round and our success rate is around 85%.  There is also a guarantee in place which ensures you get some of your money back if no dolphins are sighted.  In Akaroa you will be swimming with the Hector’s dolphin unique to NZ.
  2. Do you enjoy a challenge while having fun at the same time? The Adrenalin Forest situated on the outskirts of Christchurch is a perfect venue for the whole family.  How far will you go? It’s up to you to challenge yourself/your family & friends to go higher, faster and further in this high wire, high adrenalin Fun Park with over 100 different challenges and 20 flying foxes.
  3. White-water rafting with Rangitata Rafts is a great day trip from Christchurch.  The scenery both on the journey there and on the water is spectacular.  Parts of the river are grade 5 ensuring a little adrenalin rush!!.
  4. Queenstown does not have a monopoly on bungy jumping; you can do this right here in Canterbury at Hanmer Springs, just over an hour’s drive from Christchurch.
  5. Sky Diving is available in Methven, also around an hour’s drive from Christchurch, if you are around in the winter months it is a perfect way to fill in those days where the ski fields are closed.
  6. Christchurch is the only place in the world where you can go Hot Air Ballooning with the mountain ranges on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other with the Canterbury Plains in-between offering many places to land! Usually in some farmers paddock!!  Get picked up directly from your Christchurch motel/accommodation.
  7. Sea Kayaking or 4 wheel driving in Akaroa with Pohatu Penguins.  See the little blue penguins in their natural environment either from the water or by land.
  8. No trip to New Zealand would be complete without a jet boat trip and Canterbury has one of the best and most spectacular places for this on the Waimak River gorge. 
  9. Paragliding & Paramotoring
  10. Cannoning with The Big Rock Cannoning Company.  Get picked up from the i-site in Christchurch.  Experience adrenalin filled action as you jump into pools, slide down chutes and abseil/rappel down rocks and waterfalls

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