Top 5 Must-Try New Zealand Foods

New Zealand is full of unique flavours. Make the most of your New Zealand experience by sampling all the tasty treats on offer.


Also known as Lemon & Paeroa, L&P is traditionally made by combining lemon juice with sparkling mineral water from the town of Paeroa.  This refreshing beverage is considered “World Famous in New Zealand” and popular among locals and visitors alike.  A giant L&P bottle stands in the town of Paeroa, providing an excellent day trip and photo op.


Hāngi is a traditional Māori meal, which involves cooking meat and vegetables such as cabbage and kumara (another NZ delicacy) in a heated pit for several hours.  For a next-level New Zealand Hāngi, consider visiting Whakarewarewa Living Māori Village, where they cook their hāngi in geothermal steam vents underground.  Try one of their Hāngi Pies (hāngi ingredients wrapped in pastry) for another must-eat NZ treat.


Manufactured in Christchurch, NZ, this extremely salty food spread is often considered an expert-level New Zealand delicacy.  Marmite’s intense, yeast-extract flavour is best enjoyed in a Cheese Toastie.  Use sparingly and not for the faint of heart, but chock full of B Vitamins!


Whitebait are the juvenile fish of multiple species, eaten whole – skin, bones, guts and all!  Whitebait is most popularly served as a fritter and best enjoyed between slabs of buttered bread, purchased from a roadside stand along the South Island’s West Coast.  This region even hosts a West Coast Whitebait Season Festival, running through September and October each year.

Mānuka Honey

Mānuka honey is a speciality honey produced by honey bee collecting pollen from the New Zealand native Mānuka tree.  It is often described as herbaceous, complex and slightly bitter.  In addition to its unique flavour profile, there is increasing evidence supporting the use of mānuka honey as a topical antibiotic. For the most authentic look at Mānuka honey production in the bush, a visit to the remote Blue Duck Station provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about Mānuka, the bees, and environmental conservation in New Zealand.

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