Top Sights to See in Rotorua

Rotorua is full of many great sights to see. This is just some of the highlights.

Rotorua is full of great sights to see and explore. Below are some of the best spots to see the top sights in Rotorua:

Rotorua Lakefront

The Rotorua Lakefront is located right on the edge of the city centre and looks out across Lake Rotorua and its magnificent surrounds. Seemingly floating in the middle of Lake Rotorua is Mokoia Island, the location of New Zealand’s most famous love story, Hinemoa and Tutanekai (think Romeo and Juliet).
A real hive of activity, The Rotorua Lakefront plays home to a paddle steamer, floatplanes, helicopters and pedal boats. The Village Green at The Lakefront is also where you will find open-air concerts, an ice skating rink, travelling fairs and many other events throughout the year.

Rotorua Government Gardens

The Rotorua Government Gardens  are a crown jewel of Rotorua and includes some of the city’s historical features such as the Rotorua Museum, Blue Baths and the Runanga Tea House.  The Rotorua Museum, a beautiful Tudor-style piece of architecture which was  originally a thermal bathhouse, is one of the city’s most photographed landmarks.
The gardens themselves are the exquisite Klamath Falls Rose Gardens and tend to start blooming in mid-November and will continue to flower till June.

The Blue Lake

The Blue Lake (or Lake Tikitapu) is situated only a short ten-minute drive from the Rotorua city centre, yet you will feel a million miles away from civilisation. The lake is totally surrounded by pine forests and native bush and you won’t be bothered by the outside world as there is no cell phone reception!
Come summertime, the Blue Lake hosts many sporting events both on and off the water and is also a favourite destination for local families looking to cool off and enjoy a picnic or barbeque. The forest surrounding the lake also contains natural walking tracks and hundreds of kilometres of world famous mountain bike trails.

Why not see these sights and many more of Rotorua’s top sights by Duck? Rotorua Duck Tours is an amphibious sightseeing tour that allows you to see Rotorua by land and water. Not only do these tours get you up close to the beautiful Rotorua landscape, they will also teach you about the deep history and diversity that define Rotorua as a unique destination. These tours operate daily from Rotorua Duck Tours office in the Rotorua CBD.

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