Urupukapuka Island Archaeological Walk

Interesting and educational walk where you will learn about the Maori who inhibited the area prior to European settlement.

TIme: 5hours

Distance: 7.3km

Urupukapuka Island has eight significant Pa sites, with all but one on headlands facing the sea. Today these Pa sites form the Urupukapuka Island Archaeological Walk. This is the only walk of its kind in New Zealand. The track passes through native reserve that is home to many endangered native species including the Brown Teal and the Dotterel.

The walk starts at Otehei Bay Restaurant and Bar, and the complete Loop takes about 5 hours. The walk is divided into two shorter walks, the Southern and the Northern Loops, each taking two and a half hours. The Southern Loop covers more Pa sites and overlooks calm sheltered bays. The northern loop visits fewer Pa sites following the exposed coast of the island with dramatic views across the Pacific Ocean from high rugged cliffs.