Visit the Black Rocks in the Bay of Islands

Rising mysteriously from the sea, the Black Rocks are a unique part of the Bay of Islands.

The Black Rocks are a group of islets off the north and eastern coasts of Moturoa Island and are a very special feature of the Bay of Islands landscape.

The islets are the visible tops of basalt lava flows from volcanic eruptions which have not been entirely covered by the rise of the sea to its present level. Believed to be around 1.2 million years old, their distinctive shape makes them very rare and of outstanding conservation value.

Most of the black rocks fall sheer to the sea floor at depths of up to 30 metres. The underwater caves in and around the Black Rocks are well populated with crayfish, kina (sea urchins) and mussels as well as other marine life.

The Black Rocks are very popular with local diving and fishing enthusiasts, and are worth a visit if you're cruising around the Bay of Islands.

You can visit the Black Rocks on an Island Adventurer cruise or the Cream Trip with Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands.

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