Weddings with the wow factor in New Zealand

Some ideas for unforgettable weddings in New Zealand.

Have you ever dreamt about having your wedding surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains, lovely lakes, remote beaches, little churches surrounded by breath-taking views, a traditional Maori wedding complete with warrior, or in the greenery of perfect landscapes? If so; then the country for you is New Zealand.

Some of the Wow Wedding Locations on offer

Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo 

This little Church was built 1934 as a memorial to the early settlers and shepherds. A captivating view through the wide altar window to primeval mountains enveloping Lake Tekapo whilst the beautiful altar is made from a large block of white stone with inlaid carvings of mountain buttercups, ferns, hebes, lizard and native trees and birds. The land surrounding this delightful church has been left untouched, giving the impression of tranquility.

Onuku Church – Akaroa 

This tiny little red and white church gleams against the hillside and harbour. Directly behind the church is the ‘Kaik’ Hill. A unfortified historical Maori village.  The front of the church is beautifully carved; making the entrance into the church more special, at the altar you will find yet again more beautiful carving.

Maori Wedding - Christchurch

-A wedding that is very different.

-A wedding that is unique only to New Zealand.

-Come and discover the Maori Culture.

A wedding you will never ever forget. Be called on to the sacred land by a Maori Warrior enjoy the singing of a Maori maiden.

Hot Air Balloon

The sheer magic of ballooning over the Canterbury plains in a balloon is indescribable.  The beauty of your views is absolutely breath taking.

On a beautiful fine day you will have full 300km panorama views of Mt Cook and the Mt Cook National park mountains as well as the Rakaia River. After landing enjoy a farmers’ field celebratory breakfast and a glass of bubbly.

Russell Lupins Wedding

Can you imagine being married in this spot?! It’s not a just a Dream – it’s Real!

Situated between Lake Tekapo and Lake Alexandrina with an elevated view of the turquoise lake and mountain backdrop.

Russell Lupins are colourful wildflowers, which blossom along the shores of Lake Tekapo in Canterbury on the South Island of NZ during the summer months.

The landscape comes alive in pink and purple hues while the unique colour of the lake sparkles in the lighting as a blanket of clouds lingers over the mountaintops.

Chest Peak Mountain Top Wedding

Love heights; love the unique feeling that you are the only people on earth. If this is what you have envisioned for your wedding day, then here is the perfect venue.

Land on a peak approx 5400 above sea level. Here you will have the views of the Southern Alps and the Canterbury Plains.

Winter or summer the scenery is breath taking. No words can describe the beauty and the phenomenon of this wedding venue.

Wedding on the Water

You’ll see fur seals sunbathing on the rocks, little blue penguins, marine salmon and paua pearl farms and a variety of fascinating sea birds including five species of cormorant, black-backed gulls, red-billed gulls, shearwaters, terns, prions, mollymawks, petrels, skuas, oystercatchers, albatross and more.

Get up close to spectacular sea caves, volcanic formations, high cliffs and bird nesting sites both within Akaroa Harbour and beyond the entrance along the Pacific Ocean coastline.

…Wow you say to yourself!!! How do we go about getting married abroad?  The answer is simple – hiring a professional wedding planner in New Zealand can take all the stress away and leave you with just the excitement of traveling to another country and getting married.

New Zealand Dream Weddings offers unique personalised weddings and honeymoons for couples traveling to New Zealand. A sample of what is in a basic wedding package for your legal wedding -  (packages can be personalised to what each couple require)

  • Coordination
  • Venue
  • Minister or Celebrant
  • 2 witnesses as required by NZ law
  • Pre-wedding meeting
  • NZ Legal Marriage License and processing of application
  • NZ Marriage Certificate application and processing
  • Apostle Stamp application and processing (this stamp is recognized all over the world as a legal wedding takes approx 30 days from the date of your wedding and once I receive I will forward by registered mail to your home address)
  • Personal assistance when you arrive into Christchurch to uplift your Marriage License
  • Complementary glass of NZ bubbly or Sparkling NZ Grape Juice
  • Photography


With 15 years wedding planning experience we have accumulated 100s of testimonials  - check what some other couples have written. 

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