Learning to surf at Westport

An amazing lesson was had at beautiful Tauranga Bay a few kms out of Westport.

My 10 year old son and I had the pleasure of joining a lesson yesterday with West Coast Surfing in Westport.

We arrived at the beach to met our teacher, Mark Perana (a bit of surf legend around here) . So we started on the beach with.a run down on rips and how to handle ourselves in the water should we get into any trouble, then we went onto the surfboard , stance and how to carry it in and out of the water and how to think about others around us once we were in the water. Then we suited up and headed to the beach with our boards.

There were a total of four people on the trip. Mark took time with each of us getting us going and launching onto the wave and and telling us when to put our new found standing up on a surf board practise on the beach into action. Within 25 mins all of us were almost standing up and after about an hour we were knackered but had all been on top of the boards with our feet!!! This to me was pretty amazing as for my son and I as first timers to be doing it was so cool. I would totally recommend this to people as a fun way to spend a couple of hours learning something new.

Today we;re planning just to hire some boards and practise our skills then take another lesson the next day. I reckon we'll be doing it so much better than if we'd tried to learn ourselves so yay to West Coast Surfing and thanks to Mark for a great lesson I feel like I've achieved a great start already. 

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