Whale Watching in Kaikoura

Did you know that Kaikoura is the home of the mighty sperm whale – and so much more! Countless species of marine mammals call the Kaikoura coast home.

Every whale watching tour is a unique experience. You never know what you will encounter from one tour to the next. (And some extra good news – if you don’t see a whale on your tour, Whale Watch Kaikoura will refund 80% of your money back).

The sperm whales are the stars of the show. They call Kaikoura home all year round, but depending on the season, you may also see migrating humpback whales, blue whales, southern right whales, beaked whales and pilot whales.

On a typical Whale Watch tour you may also encounter New Zealand fur seals, dusky dolphins and the endangered wandering albatross. Kaikoura, in fact, often plays host to the world’s largest dolphin – the Orca – and is home to the world’s smallest and rarest – the Hector’s dolphin.

If you’re not impressed enough already, Kaikoura also attracts the largest concentration and variety of seabirds on mainland New Zealand, which includes 13 species of albatross, 14 varieties of petrels and seven types of shearwaters.

As you can see, Kaikoura is a marine lover’s paradise. We look forward to seeing you on the coast soon!

For more information contact Whale Watch Kaikoura. 

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