What to do when whale watching is cancelled in Kaikoura

In Kaikoura there is plenty to see and do when the ocean is rough and marine activities are put on hold.

When working with nature you never really know what to expect from one day to the next. We can be having beautiful spring weather one day and the next it can be like winter all over again! Bearing this in mind there are times when the sea conditions are too rough for us to go whale watching as safety and comfort of our passengers and staff are paramount.

However there is plenty still to see and do in Kaikoura when the ocean is rough and marine activities are put on hold, such as:

Kaikoura Marine Centre & Aquarium – Situated at the end of the New Wharf the Marine Centre & Aquarium offer a look into the unique creatures Kaikoura’s rock pools and ocean plays host to. There is a Tank Room with a touch tank, carpet sharks, seahorses, an octopus, crayfish, kina, sea stars and many different kinds of fish to look at. There is also plenty of information to take in; you definitely walk away with lots of new knowledge after a visit to the Aquarium.

Fyffe House – Fyffe House is a link to Kaikoura’s whaling past and the oldest surviving building in Kaikoura. The house was founded in 1842 by a whaler named Robert Fyffe; this house is unusual in that it was built on whale vertebrae which were used as the piles which it still stands upon today. The house is open daily to the public and full of rich history and information and something not to be missed while in Kaikoura.

Kaikoura Museum – There is no better place to visit than the Kaikoura Museum if you are interested in the history of the District. There are Maori artefacts, whaling, fishing, farming, saw milling information and exhibits. There are also marine fossils, geology examples, photographs, archives and all the memorabilia that makes Kaikoura what it is today.

Llama Trekking & Kaikoura Farm Park – Always wanted to get up close to a Llama? Here is your chance, you along with your guide and other son the tour you get familiar with the Llama’s and then take them on a trek along the river bed or the beach front, along the way seeing the beautiful views and learning about the area.
The Kaikoura Farm Park has 100+ animals for you to meet, greet, cuddle and hand feed, in a UNIQUE, traditional, free-range roaming, hands-on experience.

Glenstrae 4WD Motorbike Tours – This is an exciting 4WD bike experience and guided ATV tour not to be missed. You go through beautiful hill country farmland and experience native bush and bird song. No experience is required, full tuition is given. There are memorable views of the Kaikoura coastline, rugged reefs, beaches and NZ fur seals to take in during the experience!

Kaikoura Maori Tours – This tour is designed to give insight in to the history of Kaikoura, Maori people and culture, as well as an understanding of their values and spiritual connection to the environment. The award winning half day tour is scheduled all year round and all other tours are on request by prior arrangement. Well worth the experience and something you will remember for a long time!

There is plenty more to see and do while in Kaikoura for more information during your time here the team at the Kaikoura I-Site are always there to help steer you in the right direction…

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