When the lost spring was found

New Zealand is the youngest country on earth in both geography and history. It attracts many adventurers and explorers

New Zealand is the youngest country on earth in both geography and history. It attracts many adventurers and explorers, and not surprisingly entrepreneurs who turn New Zealand’s hidden gems in to their full potential. One of our favourite stories has to be that of  Alan Hopping, entrepreneur and founder of Coromandel’s Lost Spring.

Alan a former dairy farmer sold his farm and purchased a camp ground in Whitianga in 1980. Fascinated by possibilities of finding geothermal activity on this spot Alan listened to the legends and stories of the local Maori, who told him about a geothermal stream once actively flowing but now lost.

Alan spend many years looking for the spring, also known as the Champagne Spring due to its sparkling waters.  In 1989 Alan’s research paid off, he had found the lost spring 625m deep in the ground. The water got tested and  found to contain over 400 minerals and have a PH level of 7.4 now recognised as being no less than 16,000 years old, the fossilized water is sterile and contains zero bacteria.

Alan dreamed of using the spring water and build a magical pool complex. Alan came across several obstacles trying to build a well to retrieve the water, but with his perseverance and hard work, he got his well 17 year after finding the lost spring (2006). In 2008 Alan has opened the doors to the public to his truly magical swimming complex and spa The Lost Spring.

The Lost Spring today is a luxury haven, a tropical paradise where you can escape to. The beautifully hand sculpted pools are filled with 100% pure mineral waters and are landscaped with stunning native bush. Sit back and hear the native birds chirp around you. Spa therapies are on offer for those wanting extra pampering. What makes the Lost Spring even more unique is the wonderful poolside service. You can enjoy delicious cocktails and food platters whilst you soak in the waters. Catering to adults the Lost Spring is a great place to completely relax and unwind.  If you have not yet been here, we suggest you plan your next getaway to the Coromandel and visit this gem of a place.