White Water Rafting Experience in Rotorua - What to expect!

Are you planning your first white-water rafting adventure? It will be an experience like no other you have had before. Here's what to expect!

First Time White-Water Rafting? Here’s What to Expect on the Tour

Are you planning your first white-water rafting adventure? It will be an experience like no other you have had before. Here’s what you can expect.

That's Not a Raft, This is a Raft

Not all rafts are the same. If you've been on a corporate team-building trip, you have probably built your own raft. You don’t want that anywhere near a Class V rapid, though.

The rafts used in white-water rafting are a special breed of vessel. They are inflated and have a rugged design to withstand the pressures of the water and the obstacles they encounter in the rapids. They are also shaped to effectively cut through the churning water. Kaituna Cascades have custom built rafts especially for the Kaituna River!

You will have a paddle, so will contribute to navigating the raft.

Is It Tiring?

It depends on your level of fitness, but white-water rafting does involve physical activity. You'll work your arms, shoulders, abs, and some other parts of the body that don't normally get worked in the gym.

You'll feel great at the end of it, though. The thrill on the trip is intoxicating and the sense of achievement is fantastic.

Let's Talks About Safety

If you go on your white-water rafting trip with a reputable company like Kaituna Cascades, you will be on the raft with a highly knowledgeable and skilled instructor. They will know the rapids like the back of their hand and are responsible for keeping you safe.

You will also wear safety gear that includes a helmet and lifejacket.

White-water rafting is an adventure activity, however, so there is an element of danger.

Do I Need to Bring Any Equipment?

High-quality operators provide all the specialist equipment required for white-water rafting. This includes lifejackets, paddles, and helmets. You will also be provided with things like wetsuits, booties, and splash jackets.

What will you need to bring then? Usually, all you need for being on the water is shorts or swimwear plus a towel for when you finish.

Should I Train Before Coming?

No, you don’t need any training or previous experience to go on a white-water rafting tour. You’ll get all the training you’ll need on the trip.

Will I Get Wet?

Yep. Getting wet is part of the fun.

Will I Fall In?

It’s not impossible, even with a highly experienced instructor. The best way to remain safe if you do fall in is to follow their instructions and listen during training.

There are places on most rivers that are calm so are perfect for a swim. Instructors encourage this, but it’s not compulsory. For many people, particularly on a hot day, it’s an opportunity they jump at – or, rather, jump in.

Will I be Cold?

This is a possibility. Going white-water rafting on a river like the Kaituna River helps as it is the warmest river in New Zealand. You will be given you gear to help keep you warm when the weather is cold. This includes wetsuits, fleeces, and splash jackets.

Finally, Will it Be Fun?

Absolutely. So much fun, you are likely to want to book another straight away.

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