Why is Diving in New Zealand so great

New Zealand’s fantastic underwater marine life and lush gardens guaranteeing you of a superb diving escapade.

New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud

For 80 million years New Zealand has been geographically isolated and is considered to be one of the youngest countries on our planet, which contributes to its individuality and abundant wealth of flora and fauna.

New Zealand is an archipelago that is composed of two main islands, which are separated by a strait. It’s located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Neighboring islands include Fiji, New Caledonia, and Tonga. New Zealand is recognized as one of the least crowded nations in the world with a total population of only 4 million people.

Its head of state, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, leads New Zealand. The Cabinet, headed by the Prime Minister, carries out its executive powers.
In regards to New Zealand’s economic growth, in 2010 the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index recognized it as the third most prosperous country.

In addition to its strong economy, New Zealand also celebrates its abundant treasures of natural resources. The long stretched out coastlines and pristine rainforests are only some of the untouched wonders all visitors will enjoy.

Diving in New Zealand

Opportunities for an ultimate diving adventure in New Zealand are countless.
Ideally situated amid three oceans and with over 15,000 kilometers of coastline and hundreds of magnificent offshore islands, New Zealand’s marine world definitely offers an exciting underwater experience.

New Zealand’s dive sites are appropriate for all divers of different experience levels and from all walks of life and meet the international standards of diving. Beginner divers can observe the creatures and marine plant life and the experts can go diving through deep drop-offs.

Due to the outlying distance of several of the dive spots, the scenery while diving in New Zealand is breathtaking to see all of the underwater animals. These dive spots are often visited by 50% of the world’s large ocean mammals including whales and dolphins.

In addition to seeing such amazing amounts of large sea creatures, New Zealand also provides an unforgettable diving adventure with all of its exciting submarine activities with wreck diving and kayak diving. You may even get the chance to have some fun with some cute fur seals.
Summer and autumn seasons occurring in January to June are perfect because of the gentle weather conditions and great underwater visibility.

A number of dive shops and resorts are conveniently located around the islands of New Zealand. Several dive shops and resorts also offer varying costs of accommodations making it more affordable.

Great Dive Sites in New Zealand

New Zealand has an extensive coastline measuring almost equal to that of the United States. Favorite dive destinations are easily accessed with prime dive sites situated just offshore. Here are five diving spots that need to be put on your list:

Poor Knights Marine Reserve

  • Recognized as a personal favorite of the French naval officer and filmmaker, Jacques Cousteau   
  • Generally accepted as the greatest diving destination in New Zealand
  • Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve has been a marine reserve since 1981
  • Well-known for their beautiful species of mosaic moray and two-spot demoiselle fish.

Great Barrier Island

  • The Great Barrier Island is a beautiful submerged volcanic terrain
  • Habitat of diverse underwater organisms
  • Both beginner and expert divers will be thrilled to see hundreds of vibrant fish species swimming around

Kapiti Island Marine Reserve

  • Three types of marine habitats found in this dive site
  • Kapiti Island Marine Reserve is the residence of kingfish, spotted black grouper, and the magpie perch.
  • Multicolored sponges and anemones are also on display for divers to enjoy


  • Located in the southwestern corner of the South Island
  • Fiordland is a beautiful haven of pristine and untouched marine wilderness
  • Huge black coral trees and precious red corals, usually found in greater depths, grow in shallow waters just 5 to 15 meters deep

Piopiotahi Marine Reserve

  • Piopiotahi Marine Reserve has a great mix and variety and a favorite dive spot
  • Wide-ranging span of sandy bottoms and sheer walls are surrounded by temperate and subtropical waters
  • Ideal for habitation by a wonderful array of fish
  • Warm water creatures observed in Piopiotahi Marine Reserve include the perch and the blue dot triplefin
  • Cool water fish such as the copper moki and the banded wrasse inhabit this area 
  • Deep-water species like the sandpaper fish and the spiny sea dragons are usually discovered swimming near the water’s surface

To Know More About New Zealand

New Zealand will definitely is a diving destination not to be missed because of its pure and natural environment consisting of extensive and large mountain chains, unblemished coastlines, and rich rainforests. Visiting New Zealand is made relatively simple through visiting arrangements and agreements with several linked countries.

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