West Coast, Episode 3: Back to nature

Kea, the world's only alpine parrots, are often seen at Arthur's Pass on the West Coast. Further on, discover rugged beauty & the kiwi pioneering spirit.

Episode 3 sees the guest appearance of the Kea, gate crashing a picnic in Arthur's Pass. These parrots are only found among the South Island's alpine and forested environments, such as Arthur’s Pass National Park, but they're relatively common - if you're planning a road trip through the South Island, it's likely you'll come across them. From Arthur's Pass, it's easy to explore West Coast attractions like Hokitika, the glaciers and the Punakaiki pancake rocks.

While we've got our fair share of fascinating birds, NZ is also a great destination for getting up close to marine mammals. Whales, dolphins and seals live off the coast of Kaikoura all year round. 

Looking to create your own Kiwi road trip? Use our inspiring Kombi Diaries itinerary as a guide.

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