Offering the best of adventure and relaxation Hanmer Springs is just 90 minutes drive from Christchurch. Check out the top 8 experiences in Hanmer Springs.

Take your adventure off road

Embrace excitement with a 4 wheel off-road tour of Hanmer Springs. An experienced guide will lead you on an adventure through mud, rivers, rocks, forest and past the spectacular Canterbury scenery. Check out Hanmer Springs Quad Bikes.

Enjoy jet boat thrills

Take an action packed jet boat trip through the spectacular scenery of the Waiau River, your skipper will expertly navigate through the narrow passes, white water rapids and shallows with 360 degree spins along the way. Check out Hanmer Springs Jet Boating.

Indulge in the Waipara Valley region

Only an hour from Hanmer springs is the Waipara Valley; home to over 30 vineyards, olive groves, nut farms, lavender farms, and the Tiromoana and Mt Cass scenic walks. In addition to the award-winning wines and unique local produce on offer, Waipara Valley also offers the opportunity to ride the historic Weka Pass Railway and to visit the open-air Iron Ridge Quarry Sculpture Park - a reclaimed lime works, now replete with native plants.

Meet the locals at Hanmer Springs Animal Park

Discover a family adventure at the Hanmer Springs Animal Park, where you can hand-feed and touch a huge variety of animals. From the more familiar sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, pony, donkeys, and guinea pigs to the exotic llamas, alpacas, Tibetan yak, water buffalo, deer, chinchillas and giant flemish rabbits a visit here is destined to delight children and adults alike.

Discover Canterbury from the air

Helicopter sightseeing provides a visual experience to last a lifetime, and with sole air access to some of Canterbury's most unique landscapes populated with red deer, wild pigs, Canadian geese, and high country lakes, rivers and streams taking a trip with Hanmer Springs helicopters means you'll get to see what others don't.

Hike from Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs offers a variety of walking tracks to satisfy all types of walkers. From short 30 minute walks to day hikes, there are range of local tracks that take you to views at the top of Mt Isobel or Conical Hill, or through the beech forests and rivers surrounding Hanmer Springs. If you have more time to spare Hanmer Springs is also the gateway to the multi day hikes through the St James Conservation area and Lewis Pass National Reserve.

Cycle the Waipara Valley Vineyard Trail

Explore the farmland and vineyards of the Waipara Valley by bicycle, enjoying breathtaking views as you stop to visit award winning wineries and taste local produce. The trail can be enjoyed at your own pace, or to make the most of the trail you can take a guided tour.

Relax in thermal pools & spas

A trip to Hanmer Springs Canterbury isn't complete without a visit to Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa. The perfect balance of fun and relaxation, with different levels of thrills on the waterslides, and a selection of hot pools including aqua therapy, hexagonal pools, rock pools and sulphur pools - leaving you feel relaxed and refreshed.

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