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Airsoft is one of the quickest growing sports in New Zealand. Thousands of kiwis participate in Airsoft gameplay nationwide. Airsoft is a game where players use Airsoft guns that fire 6mm plastic BBs used in a style of gaming comparable to paintbal

$20.00 - $70.00

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We are located in west Auckland and feature a two level facility with a realistic touch of a war-zone by weaponry , a designed battle floor plan, private car park, full equipped BBQ facility(to book), life size game props and full scale airsoft replica’s close to the real thing.

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We provide the most realistic live military action games for birthdays, stag and hens parties, corporate functions, social clubs and family and friends fun group bookings.

This activity is for all ages and is a fun and thrilling experience like no other, no experience need it. Our Arena specialize on providing you with the necessary knowledge and equipment for you to be an all out ready commando.

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Dirección física

Arena 149, 149 Hepburn Road, Glendene, Waitakere, Auckland, 0602, New Zealand.

Horario de apertura

Horario comercial:
Wed & Friday 6pm - 10pm, Sunday 10am - 2pm, Private Booking Available
Meses de funcionamiento:
Todos los meses del año

Instalaciones y características

Proximidad con el aeropuerto:
35-40 mins
Proximidad con el terminal de autobuses turísticos:
Across the street
Proximidad con el pueblo:
15-20mins off the Te A Tatu South Exit

Precios y condiciones

Adulto $20.00 - $70.00
Más información sobre precios:
Parents/Guardian require to sign the waiver form age under 18 years.

Apoyo lingüístico

  Escrito Hablado
Chinese (Simplified) YES YES
Chinese (Traditional) YES YES
French NO YES
Indonesian NO YES

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