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Dukay Travel is a full service accredited travel agency since 1986. We custom design mid-luxury tours to your specific interests. Additionally, we provide airfare, escorted tours, and cruises. Our goal is to make your trip a memorable experience.

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Dukay Travel is has been in business for over 30 years. We are located in Delray Beach, Florida and open Monday to Saturday. If you want to immerse yourselves in the scenic beauty of the north or south islands we know where to send you on a customized tour. If you prefer to drive and see the islands at your own pace we can arrange accommodations and a rental car. Both islands have national parks for beaches, terrain for hiking/walking tours and local markets for crafts and produce. Not to be missed are the sites promoting the Maori culture, the pristine lakes and sounds, thermal spas for wellness and relaxation, wine making regions, adventure tours like jet boating and bungie jumping. We are here to serve your special needs.

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6811 Belmont Shore Drive, Delray Beach, United States.

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