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Search and book hundreds of outdoor rentals, trips and lessons in one place. Leap makes it simple and fast for people to find and book Bikes, Kayak, SUP, Surf and Ski/Board online. Find the best choice then save time picking up by booking online.

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Leap is built by passionate outdoors people. Our mission is to help people discover, access and enjoy our great outdoors by making the journey to hire outdoor equipment and book services as simple as possible.

We're currently listing 50 businesses around New Zealand and continuously adding more.

How it works:
Find things to do - Start your search with activities then find businesses nearby. Or start your search for a location.
Find the best choice - Compare prices, location, equipment, reviews, actual photos (so no more guessing!) of businesses.
Book - Confirmation within 24 hours
Go - save time picking up and spend more time having outside

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