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We are a Travel Company, based in Lucknow, India, with intricate knowledge of New Zealand Travel. We provide travel advisory services and book Airlines, Cars, Hotels, Sightseeing. Sports, visa assistance, travel insurance, Forex assistance.

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We have driven extensively for two months within New Zealand, right from Cape Reinga to Cape Bluff, stopping at every touristic location. We know the country better than most people. Simply put, we found New Zealand as a country is a Dream Come True. In this country we saw all types of falls listed in encyclopedia, glaciers, mountains, rivers, lush greenery, extensive geo thermal activity with most forceful geysers, Fjords, llamas, Waitangi treaty place with aboriginees, unending beaches, breathtaking natural beauty, sand dunes, puzzle world, kiwi gardens, penguins, sea lions, We participated in Tandem Paragliding, extensive treks, Jet Skiing.

We suggest use of our services for a truly memorable NZ experience.

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