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Ciao, my name is Silvia and I'm an italian travel specialist agent with an immense love for New Zealand. I work and live in Florence, Italy, I am specialized in honeymoons and customized travels. Hope one day to come back to Aotearoa, the enchanted

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I visited many countries and discovered that New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world that offers everything you need for an amazing journey.
I also received expert certificates from Tourism Board of Cook Islands, Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, Iceland and USA Ambassador certificate for instance.
I'm like a tailor that sews a dress, my travels fit you in every aspects: from your favourite type of accommodations to the experiences that make you choose me again and again for your travel.


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Silvia Bossini Cartorange, via della crescia 110, Firenze, Italy.

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Italian YES YES
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