Wellington is surrounded by picturesque walking and hiking tracks, both inland and coastal.

Wellington's fascinating mix of city, rolling hills and beautiful coastline makes this region fascinating to explore on foot.
The 40-minute Red Rocks walk goes from Owhiro Bay to the Red Rocks on the rugged South coast of Wellington. The rocks themselves were formed 200 million years ago from undersea volcanic eruptions - iron oxide gives the rocks their interesting colouring. Choose to continue on to Sinclair Head where there is a fur seal colony.
Explore the heart of Wellington on the six-hour City-to-Sea walk. Beginning near parliament, the heart of central Wellington, and ending at the South Coast at Island Bay, this walk takes in Victoria University, Goverment House and the beautiful suburb of Island Bay.
The fascinating island of Matiu/Somes, clearly visible in Wellington Harbour, is steeped in fascinating history. Take the 40-minute track that circumnavigates the island, offering spectacular views over the harbour. Reach the island on the daily ferry service which runs from the city to the island.

Experiencias recomendadas

  1. Reserva Red Rocks

    • Colonia de focas
    • Emplazamientos de artillería
    • Camión de cantera transformado

    Mantenga una distancia razonable de los lobos marinos.

    • 40 min.
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  2. Matiu/Somes Island Track

    • Lighthouse
    • Native wildlife
    • WW2 gun emplacements

    The island is open to the public from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm daily.

    • 40 min
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  3. Makara Track

    • Vistas impresionantes
    • Sitios para nadar
    • Emplazamientos de artillería


    • 4 horas
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  4. City to Sea Walkway

    • Botanic Garden
    • Cable car
    • Views over Wellington

    The walk can be done in either direction.

    • 6-7 hours
    • 12 km
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    • walking


    • walking

      Starts in central Wellington

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