Air transport

Flights in New Zealand are both easy to organise and very affordable, making air transport a popular choice for travel around the country.

You can fly between all New Zealand cities and most major towns using domestic air services. Air New Zealand and Jetstar are the main providers. Their services are complemented by regional airlines, charter companies and scenic flight operators.
New Zealanders have always had a passion for aviation. Many people believe that Richard Pearse, a Timaru farmer, was the first person in the world to make a powered flight in a heavier-than-air aeroplane. He reputedly flew his home-built aircraft on 31 March 1903, about nine months before the Wright brothers. However the documentary evidence to support this claim remains open to interpretation.
Jean Batten was another famous Kiwi aviator, known sometimes as the ‘Garbo of the Skies’. In 1934 she flew from England to Australia in just under 15 days, breaking Amy Johnson’s record by six days. Two years later she made the first direct flight between England and New Zealand, followed closely by the fastest ever trans-Tasman flight.
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