10 Wonderful Walks in Rotorua

Discover some of the great walks and trails that Rotorua has to offer.

Discover some of the great walks and trails that Rotorua has to offer. 

Orakei Korako

1 to 1.5 hour loop

Wander through the hidden geothermal valley, marvelling at New Zealand's only geothermal cave. 

Hells Gate

Approx 1.5 hour guided tour

Follow the footsteps of ancient warriors as you learn the history of Rotorua's most active geothermal park. 


30 to 75 mins

Explore the alien landscape of New Zealand's most colourful & diverse geothermal attraction. 

Kuirau Park

15 mins

In the heart of the city, Kuirau Park's walkways wind their way through mud pools, boiling lakes and geothermal wonders. 

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

45 mins to 4 hours (dependant on trail)

Marvel at hot water lakes, craters and silica formations at the world's youngest geothermal system. 

Skyline Nature Walk

15 min to 1 hour

View exotic & native plantings as you take advantage of the fantastic views at the top of Mount Ngongataha. 

Sulphur Point

2 hours

Discover steamy thermal areas as you enjoy the scenic trail on the edge of downtown Rotorua. 

Hamurana Springs

Approx 30 min loop

Walk under towering redwoods as you marvel at the magic blue, green & turquoise waters of Hamurana. 

Tarawera Trail

5 to 6 hours (pickup available)

Billed as one of NZ's next great walks, the trail ends at Hot Water Beach where you can soak in a natural hot pool. 

Blue Lake (Tikitapu) Track

1.5 hours loop

Amongst native bush & quiet beaches, this track provides stunning vistas over the Blue & Green Lakes. 

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