5 reasons to visit Rotorua Canopy Tours during winter

The Mamaku native forest comes alive during the winter. Check out these 5 reasons why you should visit Rotorua Canopy Tours during the winter.

1. The early morning frost gives you an experience like no other. The morning tours are the best times to be in the forest during the winter. You will have the chance to zip line over mist-filled valleys while the magnificent sunlight rays beam low through the canopy.

2. The rainfall helps everything in the forest come to life. The combination of rain and cooler temperatures help bring out the green emerald colours of the ferns. Don’t let the rain put you off – it is the best time to be in the forest and the large tree ferns will shelter you from getting too wet!

3. The native forest makes you feel so alive being out in the crisp, fresh air. The peace and quiet of the forest will force the cheeky juvenile birds to start singing and they may even come up and say hello to you.

4. In these cooler winter months, fungi and moss start to appear. The bright and vibrant colours of the fungi will catch your eye. The red or sky blue colours of the fungi help make this spectacular Mamaku rainforest pop.

5. At Rotorua Canopy Tours we have one main rule and that is that as long as you are warm you will love your Canopy Tour! We have everything to keep you dry and warm, from jackets to pants, beanies and gloves. We can guarantee you that it will help to keep you warm and cosy during your 3-hour adventure through a magical native forest.

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