5 reasons to visit Skippers Canyon in Queenstown

Still undecided if you should visit Skippers Canyon in Queenstown? You don't know anything about Skippers Canyon? Read this article to learn more about it.

Now you might want to know why you should travel to Skippers Canyon - and why exactly you should go with us, right? Let me explain:

You visit New Zealand for a reason. You come here to see the country, experience the nature of it, feel the young spirit simmering in every leave, every tree and in the Kiwis (that would be the humans, not the birds...). You might want to know why the Kiwis are the way they are and how it came about that they ended up being so friendly, laid back and relaxed.

Agreed, I might not give you a 100% objective impression about what I am going to write to you, but please bear in mind that we are all 'victims' of our environment and of what we know.

And one thing is sure: I know Skippers Canyon and I certainly know what kind of reaction we trigger with our tours.

Here are the reasons you should come and visit Skippers Canyon:

  1. It's unique. It's as simple as this. You will find Jetboats and Bungy Jumps at other places in New Zealand. I don't advocate that either experience is better that the other, but Skippers Canyon is truly unique - which means that you can only visit this area here in Queenstown.
  2. It's steep in history. 'Oh no...' you might say now - but wait: did you know that Queenstown got to this point where we are today mainly due to the gold rush? Skippers Canyon (or shall I say Mount Aurum and the Shotover River) still carries Gold up until this very day. Who knows what would have happened, if... but let's not go there. We had the gold rush and we can tell you a little bit about it. If you feel like it, read this brief summary about Skippers Canyon on Wikipedia.
  3. Skippers Road is protected by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. This basically means that the road is protected and is maintained in such a way that it stays like this. Why? Because it has a major historic relevance to the history of New Zealand. Next to this, Skippers Road is unique again. It is a public road but Rental Cars can not be used as vehicle: your insurance will not cover any potential damage. So leave it up to the experts to take you in.
  4. Skippers Canyon showcases a truly remarkable natural beauty. The scenery is awesome and could be described as a wonderland in the backyard of Queenstown. "A picture says more than thousand words" so they say. We just heard the other day from one of our customers that not even the pictures taken of Skippers Canyon 'really' capture the nature, the beauty, the uniqueness of the area. Which leaves me to say: you have to come and experience it yourself!
  5. You like to travel without crowds? Do you like to experience attractions which are not main stream and away from the hustle and bustle? Then you have just given me the 5th reason why you should visit unforgettable Skippers Canyon.

Convinced? Arrange your flights to Queenstown, book a nice hotel and secure your tour into Skippers Canyon.

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