7 reasons why a ski trip is perfect for kids

Here are 7 simple reasons why a ski trip with the kids will leave everyone delighted and have you hastily booking your next one!

If you think that taking the kids to the snow is too much hassle for a holiday then think again! Yes the mountains are colder than the beach, but a trip to the snow will stay in your child's memory banks for decades to come...

Here are 7 reasons that will have you hastily booking your ski trip for this season:

1. Kids always remember their first trip to the snow

Like the beach, kids just can't help but get excited when seeing snow for the first time. It's soft, you can pick it up and throw it, build a snowman or just slide down it all day. Anything you do on snow just screams a good time.

2. It's FUN for YOU too!

Unlike going to a playground in the park, snow can be enjoyed by everyone! Cardrona has a very popular kids club which is ideal for keeping the kids happy and occupied while you enjoy the slopes or take a lesson yourself!

3. It's a chance to learn something new

Skiing and snowboarding can give you and your kids a real sense of achievement from learning something new, while having loads of fun in the process. There are heaps of different lesson options with Cardrona's quality instructors to get the kids really progressing and for adults to ensure you keep up with them!

4. Kids of all ages are welcome

Think your child is too young to ski? At Cardrona, kids from two years of age have been known to take ski lessons! Cardrona has four kids’ centres, including a nursery and ski kindy and qualified staff members are happy to take care of children as young as 3 months old. Cardrona also has an extensive rental fleet and retail shop for everything you and your kids need to hit the slopes.

5. Your kids will sleep well

While skiing is loads of fun, it is also a highly active, energy burning activity to keeps the kids happy and healthy. Sick of your children trying to stay up past their bedtime? After a day on the slopes you can be sure they'll hit the hay early and give you a chance to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

6. You can stay where you play

Never mind the kids asking "are we there yet?" or having to load up the rental car every morning. Cardrona is the only ski area in the Southern Lakes to offer guests on-mountain accommodation. Wake up to the slopes a mere stone’s throw away and kick up your feet as soon as you take your boots off in one of Cardrona's fifteen apartments.

7. It's an adventure not to be missed

While it requires a few more extra layers than the beach, you will be delighted that you made the choice to visit Cardrona. Whether your family spends most of their time on the learner slopes or tearing down black runs, any trip to the mountains provides an undeniable sense of adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

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