A Split Board for a Shorty

Touring is a great was to explore the snowy hills. If you can't find a split board in your size, you can just cut a snowboard in half... simple! or is it?

Me - “I really want a split board but I can’t find one small enough for me... story of my life!”

Martin - “Why don’t you make one then?”

So I did.... with a little help from my friends.

Only owning one board that wasn’t quite right for turning into a split board I decided to buy a new one with the sole intention of cutting it in half. A bit risky not having any experience in making split boards but what’s life without challenges?

After some research I chose the Rossignol Diva for a few reasons, it has MagTek side cut and traditional camber between the bindings increasing contact points and grip for tackling steeper terrain.  The board has a rockered tip and tail, a wood core with Continuous Basalt Fibre running the full length making it poppy, stable and heaps of fun to ride in powder. What more could you ask for?

Not being too handy with power tools myself, I set out to find a willing and able candidate to do the deed of cutting my board in half and thankfully I didn’t have to look to far. Tim offered his tools and talented services and we got together one cold winters night with tea, homemade cookies, my Diva and a jigsaw.  After practicing a small but on an old broken board Tim revved up the saw and cut the straightest free hand line I have ever seen straight through the middle of my snowboard.

A few layers of varnish to seal the edges, some meticulous measuring, drilling and screwing and the Voile kit was mounted ready for the bindings and the maiden voyage. 

Being my first ever time skinning I decided to play it safe and stick to a morning mission up Coronet Peak and I must say it ticked all the boxes.  Fun: tick, challenging: tick, energising: tick and a bit more fun: tick.  I can’t wait to venture into the back country.

Thanks for all your hard work Tim, you’re a star!

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