Adventure tourism for all ages!

There aren't many adventure tourism experiences that cater for all ages, but zip lining does just that!

A few months ago, a group of 22 arrived on our doorstep. They'd come down from Whangarei - all members of the local Rotary club up there - and not one of them was aged under 70...

In fact the oldest was a lovely lass called Majorie, who was 93!

When we first decided we wanted to open a zipline business to the general public, this was the kind of group we hoped we'd see pitch up - mature but active; adventurous but not crazy; people keen to tick off a bucket list of outdoorsy experiences. Our hearts were warmed.

Ziplining took off in the US about 10 years ago, when there were 4 commercials ziplines in operation. This has grown to over 150 in North America.

We've now got 3 or 4 quality operators around New Zealand, all of whom come highly recommended:

• Our relatively close neighbours, Rotorua Canopy Tours, operate a superb tree-based canopy tour in ancient native forest just outside of Rotorua. Single line, multiple traverses, and some super-cool high tree platforms to leap off;
• The first commercial zipline operation in New Zealand was ZipTrek EcoTours, based high above Queenstown in the wilding pines with spectacular views over Lake Wakatipu. Catch the Gondala up the hillside to access their start point; and
• Us - EcoZip Adventures on tropical Waiheke Island, just 35 minutes scenic boat ride from downtown Auckland.

We've got ground-based (so not high) launch and landing platforms, and dual lines so you can fly beside you friend, colleague, or grandmother - and we've also got beautiful beaches, gorgeous vineyards, and stunning forest walks right on our doorstep.

We'd recommend you visit all 3 if you're on a trip around New Zealand - it really is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in NZ's incredible scenery, as well as add a touch of soft adventure to your day...

And it really is suitable for all age groups, from youngsters, through to what we describe as our more mature patrons - we've even had groups out from retirement villages!

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