Best Time to Travel to New Zealand

So, just what is the best time to travel to New Zealand? Ask us and we’ll tell you that there is never a bad time to go to New Zealand. See our tips below:

So, just what is the best time to travel to New Zealand? Ask us and we’ll tell you that there is never a bad time to go to New Zealand. Are some times better than others to take that dream vacation? In a word, maybe…

New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere. Being on what most Americans consider the opposite side of the world, our seasons are a bit different than what you are used to. When the snow is piling high in Michigan, we’re busy sunning ourselves on the beaches.

New Zealand is a bit smaller than California, so the climate between the north and south can be wildly different. Since New Zealand is an island, there is frequently a breeze and intermittent showers coming off the Cook Strait and Tasman Sea.

New Zealand Seasons
Why your friends and family will hate you (it’s ok, you’ll be in paradise)

Summer – [December, January, February] Summer in New Zealand is by far the most popular time to take your journey. It’s the busy time of the year for New Zealand for tourism as well as when a lot of Kiwis take some time off to rest and enjoy living in paradise. Pro Tip: Don’t gloat too much on Facebook and Twitter, but do feel free to brag.

Fall – [March, April, May] Fall in New Zealand is gorgeous. It’s one of the best times to plan your New Zealand vacation since the summer crowds have left, the attractions charge off peak rates, and the weather is amazing. If you visit Auckland, you’ll be able to wear shorts or your most comfortable summer dress still.

Winter – [June, July, August] Have you ever taken a snow skiing vacation in July? Queenstown and the Central Plateau are winter wonderlands in June and July. Don’t forget to get out of the cool and partake of the exciting and vibrant nightlife in Wellington.

Spring – [September, October, November] This is the perfect time to take in the beauty of Lake Tekapo and see a traditional Maori Haka on a tour Takahe South Island. Make sure to bring an extra memory card for your camera; you’ll be filling yours up with some great pictures.


The Best Time To Travel To New Zealand

Well, "Bob’s your uncle" [Pro Tip: This is Kiwi for “there you go” ]. So what is the best time to travel to New Zealand? With such a temperate climate, any time is a good time. Personally, I prefer the Fall or Spring seasons since it’s cool at night but warm during the day. Airfare is reasonable during these seasons compared to summer and it’s really easy to find space on a top-notch tour. Christmas time, just like in America, has the most expensive plane flights for exactly the same reason.

We hope that you’ve found this information helpful. Should you have any concerns or need some help planning that dream vacation to New Zealand, don’t hesitate to visit us at for the full rundown on the best time to visit New Zealand or call us directly Toll Free 888-359-2877 (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm Central US) We’d love to help you customize your trip of a lifetime.

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