Cross Country Skiing - A New Adventure near Queenstown

An over night Cross Country Skiing adventure at Snow Farm - fun, friends, food, wine and some slightly uncoordinated skiing. A great adventure!

Cross Country Skiing – a new adventure
Having spent many winters living in various ski resorts around the world, the general winter theme has been to head up to the ski fields and enjoy the thrill of tackling the steep stuff.  So when a friend suggested a cross country ski trip at Snow Farm with an overnight stay in Bob Lee’s Hut I was keen to get involved and try out something new.
Having pre-booked well in advance to ensure beds in the hut, we couldn’t exactly choose a perfect blue bird day to start our trip.  Strong head winds, sleet and very little visibility would be the best way to describe conditions when we arrived, but none the less we stuck with it and after a few wobbly practice laps around the beginner loops we set out on our journey to the hut. 
The 6.5km to Bob Lee’s felt a lot longer in the not so favourable weather conditions, especially with our novice skill level, and it was a very welcome sight when the silhouette of the hut eventually appeared on the hill.  Paying the extra few dollars to get our kit delivered to the hut was well worth it, we arrived to dry clothes, sleeping bags and some smouldering embers that we soon encouraged into a raging fire.  It also meant that we could take out a feast of good food, wine and whiskey and even Cranium which provided some great evening entertainment. 
Having listened to the wind howl around the hut all night it was great to wake up to sunshine streaming through the door of the hut and a clear stunning morning.  A few of us ventured outside to eat breakfast and then after a quick clear up we headed out for some more edgeless skiing. 
Looking around it appeared that we would be skiing back through a few inches of fresh powder which sounded like a challenge; however the freezing wind had turned all the fresh snow into solid ice snow drifts which gave us a whole new perspective on the word challenging.   Things appear a lot steeper and scarier when you have no directional control or stopping ability but to be honest it just added to the hilarity of the adventure.  In place of the controlled, smooth effortless looking gliding that you would usually see from a cross country skier there was some very stylish snow plough manoeuvres mixed in with some spectacular slow motion crashes.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and I can’t wait to go again sometime soon. 

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