Down Under - Maurice and Anna's exploration of New Zealand

The world has many wrecks to dive and here in the Bay of Islands, we are lucky enough to have two of the best - the Rainbow Warrior and HMNZS Canterbury.

Since we could not dive in Townsville at Yongala shipwreck in Australia due to bad weather, it seemed an ideal opportunity to dive in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

After a phone call was clear: we can dive the wreck of the famous Rainbow Warrior and the HMNZS Canterbury! 

First, we went out with the "Lady Rose" for Rainbow Warrior!

We dive with Lee and our skipper Dave.  The site is marked by a buoy.  So we walk on a leash in the 21 ° degree cold water down... finally, we are now looking down the wreck...  Have found it ... and fast!

Dive... and to get a look at the wreck slowly upward.  25 years under water are certainly not gone unnoticed by ...
Now we are dedicated to exploring the interior.  That was really exciting!

Then it's already back up, the oxygen is almost depleted... But... for a quick look at the vegetation there is just enough.  But now upwards...

In open seas we then drove a half hour to the second wreck.  In the HMNZS Canterbury is a disused warship that was finally sunk in 2007 after 34 years of service in the Bay of Islands.  Our skipper Dave was then involved in the planning process and sinking.  The Canterbury is 114 meters long.  So too big to see everything in one dive. 

We go back down... The bow.... offers himself... downright for the Titanic scene!!!

Sure the wreck is only 5 years under water, the marine life is already extremely diverse.

Ship Ahoy!  Probably a few years too late... We continue with the expedition...

Unfortunately, it's off again to the top... the oxygen is almost depleted.

What an amazing day, diving these two wrecks with Dave and Dive North... we are so lucky!