Geothermal Galore - Places to go in Rotorua

Rotorua is the hub of all thing geothermal in the Bay of Plenty, where visitors flock to gaze and wonder at the geothermal activity of the surrounds.

Rotorua is the hub of spectacular scenery, with visitors arriving in flocks to gaze and wonder at the natural geothermal activity in the area. From exploding geysers, bubbling mud to a buried village, a few days spent in Rotorua is both educational and rewarding.

New Zealand is situated within the Pacific Rim of Fire and results in all the wonders that can be found in Rotorua. Geothermal activity is caused when heat from the earth’s core rises and bursts through to the surface. This can be seen with volcanic eruptions, geysers letting off steam or even bubbling mud from the ground.

The following are just some examples of places that utilise natures offerings to tourists in Rotorua:

Buried Village of Te Wairoa:

This is one of New Zealand most visited historic sites. It was one of the earliest settlements in New Zealand and overlooked the pink and white terraces. Unfortunately, in 1886, Mount Tarawera erupted and buried the village. Today, after archaeological digging, the site has been excavated to the original floor levels and exposed the devastation caused.

Whakarewarewa Living Thermal Village:

Whakarewarewa is a living Maori village where many of the inhabitants’ family ancestry goes back to the people of Te Wairoa. Here, you are shown around the village and learn the traditions of the Maori culture; traditional Maori cooking, song and dance. The mighty Pohutu Geyser can be viewed from certain vantage points within the village. This geyser can erupt anything up to 15 times a day and can shoot hot water 30 meters up in the air. It is New Zealand's largest active geyser

Polynesian Spa:

Renowned for its healing properties, geothermal water is known to help heal aches and pains, relieve stress and have therapeutic properties. The acidity and alkaline properties of the water helps to ensure you relax and the pH levels helps with your skin. Geothermal mineral waters are sourced from two natural springs and feed into 27 hot mineral pools at the Polynesian Spa.

Rotorua Golf Club:

Rotorua Golf Club has been designed with all the geothermal activity of Rotorua in mind. The course creates many challenges with many holes played over and around both dormant and active thermal areas. It’s a unique thermal course and one of the only places in the world where you can enjoy a round of golf amongst geothermal activity. Visitors are always welcome at the club.

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