GoPro to The Coromandel - ADVENTURE

Within 2 hours drive of the international airport is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. In The Coromandel Forest Park awaits Sleeping God Canyon

Looking back, the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles Walk is one of New Zealand’s best day walks. Alternatively visitors can stay overnight in a 80 bed hut and maximise the sunset and sunrise views over two separate bodies of water. The Pinnacles Walk is steeped in heritage from the pioneering days of milling the native Kauri tree for it’s versatile timber. Due to the steep and rugged terrain millers created a track complete with stone steps and rail tracks, at angles of 45 degrees, and also sent timber down canyons - in an effort to extract this valuable resource.

Sleeping God Canyon

Eventually nature won over, after forests of Kauri had been destroyed, the native bush is regenerating. Admist the Kauri timber and the Pinnacles walk (which loops into Billy Goat track) is arguably the greatest treasure of all – Sleeping God Canyon.In recent years a new age of pioneers discovered this crown in the jewel and embarked on a mission to awaken the Sleeping God. Now The Coromandel is home to one of New Zealand’s greatest adventure experiences that will test the mettle of most outdoor enthusiasts.


Canyonz are the tour guides that took on the challenge to share this epic adventure with visitors to New Zealand. The full day activity isn’t your typical commercial tour product…this is the essence of adventure in it’s true form. Combine a vertigenous landscape, with roaring waterfalls and no man made features in sight. Nerves will soon turn to excitement as the professionalism of the guides becomes apparent. After a massive day in Sleeping God Canyon adventurers remain on a high for days afterwards - Trip Advisor can testify to that. Add this to your bucket list.
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