Great Spotted Kiwi around Arthur's Pass Village

In the forests surrounding Arthurs Pass live Great Spotted Kiwi or Roroa. Not often seen but easily heard in town, this is the local version of night-life!

Arthur's Pass is an Alpine Village in the heart of the Southern Alps, surrounded by the mountains and native forest of the Arthur's Pass National Park.

Lurking in those forests are Great Spotted Kiwi, the largest of the 5 Kiwi Species and also known as the Mountaineering Kiwi. Their ranges extend from the Valley floor (700m) up to and above treeline at around 1300m. The adults weigh in at between 2 - 3.5kg with the females being quite a lot larger than the males.

The local population of Kiwi are monitored by the Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust The Trust traps predators such as Stoats and wild Cats and monitors Kiwi to judge how effective the predator control is. Kiwi monitoring provides information about how long Kiwi live for, the number of Kiwi chicks surviving, and what kills those that don't survive.

Chances are you won't see a Kiwi if visiting Arthur's Pass. They are only active at night, and then mostly in the thick forest. However you can hear Kiwi calling from the forests all around the Village. The best time to listen is the first two hours after dark. 

Good luck listening!

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