Hawke's Bay, The Food Guru Tour

A relaxing, fun and educational stroll of the Havelock North village. Stimulating your senses with some of the finest local food products in Hawke's Bay

Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, on this particular morning I was partaking in a leisurely stroll of Havelock North on a tour called The Food Guru Tour. I soon learnt that Food Gurus in Havelock North are aplenty, by the end of the experience I myself felt very enlightened.

The first Guru I encountered was Tom, owner, operator of Hawthorne Coffee The wonderful aroma of fresh coffee permeated the crisp morning air. An education in the fine art of coffee roasting was given by Tom as he dutifully attended to the beans currently warming before us. The most perfect and precise extraction of Hawthorne’s house roast married blissfully with smooth velvety milk to create the best latte I'd had this year, such a lovely way to begin our tour.

Our next stop wasAdam & Eva's, with the owner Jonelle’s murals donning the walls you really do get the impression of being in the Garden Of Eden especially with such sweet temptation surrounding you. Turkish delight, nougat, meringues, biscotti and chocolate brownie were the offerings, and who can resist such a sweet array? Certainly not I, I indulged, I savoured, I relished.

Time for some tipple, Advintage the boutique wine shop that really has “great wines you’ll love buying”. Here we tasted some really excellent local wine as well as some from further abroad, they totally know their stuff here and before long we felt like experts ourselves. Guru status here we come.

Olives, cured meats, cheeses, chocolate, fresh bread, sundried tomatoes, Maori potatoes, aioli, chutneys, smoked seafood, crostini, cakes, free range eggs, sauces, pesto and more and yes all under the one roof. Bellatino's is smack bang in the heart of the Havelock North Village, owned by Bart the friendly ex New Yorker. Whilst perusing the amazing array of varied products on offer, Bellatino’s chef lovingly prepared a platter of food for our gastronomic pleasure.

And pleasure it was, absolute delight, the whole morning was. Educational, fun and above all delicious!

Find The Food Guru Tour at www.grapeescapenz.co.nz





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