Motorcycle Touring in New Zealand: An introduction

New Zealand is one of the most spectacular places in the world to ride a motorcycle.
Let the experts give you friendly advise about your touring options.

Choosing your next trip away is never an easy one, but add on where to ride a motorcycle as well? Tough decision!
New Zealand tops the list as one of the most beautiful places in the world and we're lucky enough to boast some of the most spectacular riding roads as well, heaven!
Having two islands with very different terrains and scenery makes riding here pure pleasure, and how you explore is all up to you. The team at South Pacific Motorcyce Tours have put together some tips to help!

Rental only: If you choose to rent a motorcycle and simply go your own way, NZ roads are in very good condition We do suggest hiring a GPS to show you where you are, and to get your bearings on the islands. This is also a good idea as fuel stops could be few and far between and there's nothing relaxing about watching the fuel gauge hoping you'll make it to civilization before dark!
During the Summer months be aware that accommodation gets booked up fairly fast due to Kiwi's taking their holidays as well as school holidays and there is more traffic on the road.

GPS Self-Guided Package Tour: Your accommodation is booked, your activities are locked in, your route is hand-picked by the experts and all you need to do is follow your GPS from door to door. Easy! If you want a stress free trip but still want to ride at your own pace then this is the option for you! Accommodation styles differ so you can pick which best suits your requirements and know you’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake up in some fabulous places. Fantastic!

Fully Guided Package Tour: With everything taken care of and catered for, you’re in for a real treat with a group of like-minded riders and a knowledgeable local tour guide. With the option of a chase vehicle adding the luxury of brining your luggage with you everywhere meaning no need to worry about forgetting anything and fitting everything on your bike! This option is a great way of seeing those best-kept secrets around New Zealand that only the locals know about. Add this to finding some new found friends and you will make some unforgettable new memories and wish you could stay longer!

Which one would you choose?

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