My Dunedin

Enjoy reading about my personal Dunedin experience!

I am an international student from Germany and have now been living in Dunedin for 8 months. In these months, I have gained many new experiences, met new people and experienced a new culture.

During this time, I came to love Dunedin and its people and I’d love to tell you why:

Being young and an international student, of course one of the reasons I love Dunedin is its lively character and its exciting student culture.

However, Dunedin is not too hectic or busy, neither too quiet - it’s of perfect size for a city!

One of my favourite spots to enjoy Dunedin’s fantastic atmosphere is the Octagon, Dunedin’s city centre, where cafes, restaurants and bars are gathered, often entertaining their guests with live music.

Sitting here in the sun, enjoying a chat with friends and watching people passing by is just a moment of joy.

Another reason why I fell in love with Dunedin is its spectacular landscape and unique wildlife. A trip to the Otago Peninsula which is only a short drive out of town always makes a perfect day!

Enjoying a walk on one of the beautiful beaches or even having the chance to spot seals, sea lions, dolphins, penguins and albatrosses are my favourite outdoor activities. For more action, just go for a surf because Dunedin is one of New Zealand’s best surf spots – and best hidden, too!

But the main reason that made me feel so comfortable here are the people of Dunedin. Always friendly, positive and happy to help in any way, Dunediners have made me feel at home in their beautiful city.

If you do get a chance to visit New Zealand’s south island, make sure you stop in Dunedin! Enjoy your visit and experience ‘Your Dunedin’!