New Zealand Skydiving Experiences

Check out a New Zealand skydiving experience! One of the most exciting adventure tours and activities in the country.

With incredible, awe-inspiring landscapes, rugged mountains and lush green for miles, there couldn't be anywhere better than New Zealand to hurl yourself out of a plane, strapped to a stranger, for a 60 second free fall. With tandem skydiving opportunities all over the country, operators like NZONE offer visitors the thrill of a lifetime to take part in one of the most exciting adventure tourism activities in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving makes it easy for anybody to enjoy an incredible experience. Expert skydivers give you a briefing and rundown on the gear, the flight and the jump; they'll help you prepare before the jump and strap you in before take off. With someone experienced on your back, you get to relax a little during your jump – you'll be totally taken care of right up until landing. All you need to bring is comfortable footwear that won't fall off your feet!

Jumps aren't all the same either – you can usually choose your altitude from 9,000 feet (or a 25 second free fall), 12,000 feet (or a 45 second free fall) or 15,000 feet (or a 60 second free fall).

Skydiving in Queenstown

As you'd expect, the Adventure Capital of the World was the first place tandem skydiving and tourist skydiving experiences became available in New Zealand. NZONE is the main operator in the city, with a drop zone right near the base of the Remarkables, one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the South Island (also home to the incredibly popular Queenstown ski field). It's one of the best jumps in the world, not just the country, with great views over Otago and the region.

Skydiving in Taupo

In the North Island, Taupo is hands-down the best place to skydive. Falling with absolutely stunning views over the blue waters of the lake, Taupo city and the expansive green of the countryside is simply euphoric.

There are plenty of other adventure tourism opportunities to take advantage of during your stay in New Zealand, but none are more exciting or more extreme than skydiving. Find New Zealand skydiving operators at Experience OZ & NZ, muster your courage and take the plunge: there is nowhere more beautiful you could choose to throw yourself out of a plane!