New Zealand's North Island- it's Time 2 Go!

If the South Island wins the award for "Miss Photogenic", then the North Island would win the award for "Miss Congeniality"!

Initial impressions of the North Island often match the pastoral idyll popularised by a million postcards. Below the surface, however, lies a hotbed of fiery fury formed by a clash between two mighty subterranean forces.

Proud forests of majestic kauri stand unflinching among the remnants of Northland's gum-digging past. Gnarled fingers of salt-encrusted pohutukawa cling to windswept cliffs over golden beaches; wild waves and jagged rocks woo defiant surfers and mock them with moody seas and treacherous tides.

Deep green rivers lie passively, denying the truth of their swirling depths. Even the fertile hills, tamed into pasture, sprout into wild abandon given the slightest opportunity.

Adventures beckon throughout the North Island - succumb to the spirit and explore your wild side, or relax and enjoy the gentler delights of an endlessly varied visual feast.

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