Picnics and Packed Lunches

Whether you’re on a roadie or mixing it up with ferries, trains, buses and planes, there’s no doubt that what and where you eat it makes a big difference.

Sometimes it’s inspirational – “Found: the perfect éclair in Greytown” – but often it’s pretty pedestrian or downright disappointing. Nothing against tea rooms and cafeterias, but best you order that coffee short and black!

And as any parent will tell you, food takes on a whole new meaning on the road. Travel is tiring and little people need things to look forward to. There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling over for a much needed coffee and cake only to find nothing on the menu the kids will eat, so you order something anyway, which they don’t eat, and somewhere between $30 and $50 later you’ve filled a gap but the grommets are still grouchy.

With a little planning ahead, making your own packed lunch can save you a wedge of cash, guarantee contented tummies, and add something special to your trip.

Taking your own food for a day on the road or in transit means you have what you need when you need it. And, to avoid sitting in the car you’ve been in for hours, you’re guaranteed to find a nice spot to take five and really enjoy a place you’d otherwise pass through.

Try our packed lunch tips:

  • Pack a chilly or mini chilly with fresh orange juice, grapes and sushi
  • Take a thermos of your favourite coffee (add a dash of sweetened condensed milk if you want to feel like you’re in Vietnam)
  • When feeding a crowd, give them their own lunchboxes so they can snack as they please
  • Bacon and egg pie is easy to make and tastes great the next day on the go
  • Pick up some fresh ciabatta, local cheeses and herbs and assemble en route
  • Get the kids to help you make gingerbread men the day before you go
  • ANZAC biscuits taste extra good with a hot cup of thermos tea or coffee and you can whip them up the night before
  • Make like granny and put your beautiful lunch into a wicker picnic hamper – don’t forget the rug!

Oh and if you're travelling on the ferry, don't worry we've go the menu sorted and it won't break the back either!

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