Packrafting - A unique little gem

Packrafting is an outdoor enthusiast's dream.

With a broad range of activities to choose from in Queenstown and limited time and money, where do you begin?? I decided to go with my interests instead of the 'usual' and 'popular' and it was the best thing I could have done.

I found a small but interesting brochure on Packrafting, not something I have ever heard of before but when I checked out the website there was something that seemed different to the usual 'Adventure Activity' that is commercially advertised in and around Queenstown. I decided to give this a shot and I was thrilled with my decision. 

The only way I can describe the experience (it's an experience not a trip) is personal. It has everything an outdoor enthusiast could want. Hiking in spectacular scenery, no crowds, actually no one at all apart from our small and intimate group, learning new water skills, great facts and humour from the guides and most of all adventure.

The day trip is long and satisfying, you feel you have had a real adventure and seen areas of Queenstown surroundings you would never have seen without this little raft that you pack away into your bag. A packraft is on my Christmas list for sure, and not only that, I will be sure to visit Arno and the crew when I'm next in Queenstown, there is so much more to learn about these innovative little rafts and I think an overnight trip in the wilderness is in order.